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Volunteer at The Centre

The goal of our volunteers is to provide “cherry on top” services to the women and children residing at our center. Our staff and programming are designed to cover the basic needs of our residents and help them overcome any traumas that they have experienced. Our volunteers are here to help our residents to really feel at home, to feel safe and part of a community.

We aim to empower our volunteers for personal growth and development. We are always looking at ways to improve our volunteer program, and the experiences of our volunteers. We offer continuous training on varying topics throughout the year, and opportunities to develop leadership and planning skills. We encourage our volunteers to contribute to program growth and share their opinions on areas that we can expand into or improve upon. We strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment in which our volunteers are able to connect with other volunteers, our staff, and our residents.

Available Volunteer Roles

Specialized Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers with experience in areas such as (but definitely not limited to) website design, accounting, legal, or commercial building maintenance/skilled trades.

Corporate Volunteering 

Corporate volunteering and teambuilding opportunities are always available. Please contact us for more information and to discuss opportunities for your team to get involved.


For volunteering inquiries contact:

Shannon Hawthorne
Volunteer Coordinator
Email: s.hawthorne@brendastraffordsociety.org
Phone: (403) 270-7240 ext. 117

Special Requests

Are you a good male role model, or do you know of one? We have an urgent need for positive male influences for our women and children that unfortunately have not had the best experiences with males in their lives. All of our volunteer roles are perfectly suited to males and we would love to see some more friendly male faces around the Centre.

Most of our roles are well suited for couples, friends, or parents with older children wishing to volunteer together. If you’ve been nervous to volunteer on your own, bring a friend or family member and join our team!

Our volunteer philosophy is to make volunteering a beneficial and enjoyable experience for our volunteers, staff, and residents. We do our best to cater to the needs of our volunteers, and remove barriers to volunteering. If you have any special requests or accommodations, please let us know and we will do our best to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

What Our Volunteers Say About Us

I love to volunteer at BSC!  Every Thursday that I get to go there is one of the best days of my week. I discovered that I love doing simple tasks. I never thought it would bring me benefits such as relaxation. It is actually a great combination of accomplishment and relaxation. Besides that, while I volunteer, I am surrounded by smiling people: the girls and their families who live in the shelter as well as the staff members. Thursdays are my perfect days!! - Patricia, Bread Program and Donations Station


I’ve been volunteering at BSC for over three years in a variety of roles.  Not only have I learned a great deal about the impact of domestic violence on women and children, I have been heartened by the positive outlook of the families at BSC and the strength they have.  Whether it is a staged apartment, donations sorted for their use, a Christmas or Easter party, or delivering Xmas packages, knowing the small things I and other volunteers do to make their lives a bit easier keeps me coming back. – Debra, every area volunteer