Multicultural Family Support

This program aims to bring culturally specific and appropriate supports and programming to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and families at the Brenda Strafford Centre. Our goal is to ensure that all individuals and families feel welcomed, included and respected.

Cultural Awareness Space

The Centre has created a space to recognize and bring awareness and education of dates that are significant to many cultures. This space showcases seasonal displays of culture and provides a way for individuals and families to connect with others and their cultural traditions.

Support of Cultural Healing Practices

The Centre honours the many healing supports of diverse cultures in client care. Cultural healing supports from family violence trauma are fully incorporated and directed by the individuals and families we serve based on their unique needs.

Culturally Responsive Services Advisory Committee

The Centre has created a Culturally Responsive Advisory Committee comprised of sector partners to create a policy that ensures employees and volunteers promote, incorporate and adhere to cultural responsiveness in all aspects of their work. This policy guides the Centre in being a leader in serving diverse multicultural families seeking violence intervention services.