Our People

We work towards creating a safe environment for women and children impacted by domestic violence and to provide support services that prepare families to safely return to the community and be able to heal so they can independently support their families in a violence free setting.

Board of Directors

Norma Jackson

Glenda MacCallum-Snow

Mike Conroy

Miranda Dallalba

Jody Gibson

Monica Giroux

Samuel Hayes

Kimberlee Massing

Christine Plante

James Ray

Dean Soenen 


Management Team

Meaghon Reid, Executive Director
 e: m.reid@brendastraffordsociety.org

Alix Gordon-Moran
Manager, Adult Programming

Sherri Shergill
Manager, Child, and Youth Programming
e: s.shergill@brendastraffordsociety.org

Melina de Koninck
Manager, Program Quality and Innovation
e: m.dekoninck@brendastraffordsociety.org

Laura Atherton
Manager, Operations
e: l.atherton@brendastraffordsociety.org

Andrew Tse
Manager, Fund Development
e: a.tse@brendastraffordsociety.org