“This is my life! I have a right to leave. I have a right to be happy. I have a right to be the mom my kids need me to be.”

An opportunity for women and children to live free from domestic violence.

Over 40% the women at the Centre have College or University educations.


Over 3,500 hours of counselling were provided to women and nearly 2,000 hours of counselling were provided to children.


Our clients’ most common experiences of abuse were emotional, physical, financial and sexual.

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Help women and children experiencing family violence.
Ever hour of every day, a woman in Alberta will undergo
some form of interpersonal violence from an ex-partner
or ex-spouse.

Brenda Strafford Society supports those
women and their families by providing important resources
they need to live independent lives.

However, we are more than just a shelter. We are a family
for the hundreds of women and children looking to find
the strength and courage to move on from violence they

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