About Us!

The Brenda Strafford Centre serves people at risk of family violence through providing a safe housing environment and comprehensive support services for its residents so that they can live safely in the community upon their departure from the Centre.


A community free from family violence.


We support people at risk who have experienced family violence to live safely and successfully in our community.


Our Goals

  • To provide flexible, accessible, low-cost, and secure transitional
    housing and support services for women with their children who
    have been assessed by crisis shelters.
  • To decrease the length of stay and frequency of re-admission
    of women who are housed in shelters and have decided to leave
    their abusive situation but for whom housing and security are
    the primary barriers to departure.
  • To achieve long-term stability for women with their children who
    have been subjected to violence.
  • To provide social, emotional and psychological support for
    families that come to the Centre.
  • To ensure and/or provide counselling for families in order
    to alleviate the impacts of violence and break the abuse cycle.
    This will include support to understand working toward
    long-term healthy relationships.
  • To assist families to achieve long-term stability and to access
    employment, food, household goods, clothing, furniture,
    adequate and affordable housing, and other necessities
    for independent living.
  • To enable women to be successful as tenants, family members
    and members of a community.
  • To build on the assets and strengths of residents.